Hydrological models are an essential tool for water resources assessment and management.

WATERLINE will employ multi-source information from remote sensing, historical data, in-situ data from meteorological networks as well as crowdsourced data to improve hydrological models and their predictions.

"User groups, such as farmers, water authorities, fire brigade services, entrepreneurs in tourist, agricultural, industrial sector will be actively involved in the development of the web-based interfaces to ensure the usability and adoption of the outcomes by relevant user communities."

The waterline team

WATERLINE data sharing platform


Waterline will improve the efficiency of hydrological models through strategic integration of variables covering different spatial and temporal scales.


The concept will be implemented through Web services tool with three modular applications, targeting use by scientists, by non-technically trained stakeholders and by a random user through crowdsourcing app.


the computational performances to provide near real-time and short-term predictions of various hydrological states with unprecedented spatial detail.


Little more about Waterline

WATERLINE is highly relevant to the overall objectives of CHIST-ERA 2019 call as it is a Future and Emerging Technologies project that deals with new methods for data crowdsourcing and analysis.

The participation of many young researchers in the project, together with high-tech SME will also complement the fulfilment of stated expected impacts by CHIST-ERA call.

Work Packages
  • 1
    Optimise performance of hydrological models
  • 2
    Reduce uncertainty in model forecasts
  • 3
    Outputs are provided in comprehensible way, aiming to improve decision-making
  • 4
    Participatory-based approach to ensure stakeholders’ involvement throughout the lifecycle of the project
  • 5
    Expected of the widening of the EU research area from the contribution of a partner from Poland

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